Collection: Handmade Glass Straws

Indulge in the charm of MiniZooUSA's handmade glass straws, featuring captivating mini figurines. Elevate your sipping experience with meticulously crafted straws, each a unique masterpiece. Our straws, adorned with delightful mini figurines, bring a touch of magic to your everyday moments.

MiniZooUSA takes pride in offering more than just a straw; it's an artistic expression and a commitment to quality. Each piece tells a unique story through whimsical details, creating an enchanting atmosphere with every sip.

Beyond a mere accessory, these handmade glass straws are a statement of style and eco-conscious living. Carefully crafted, they provide a visually delightful and sustainable way to enjoy your favorite drinks.

Embrace the artistry of sipping with MiniZooUSA's handmade glass straws – where every sip becomes an experience. Whether for personal enjoyment or as a thoughtful gift, these straws redefine the pleasure of sipping. Cheers to a world where sustainability meets enchantment in every straw!

Minizoo's Fruit Themed Glasses

When you were a kid, there was nowhere as cozy as Mom or Grandma’s kitchen,and now you can recreate that welcoming feeling at home 🏡 with these assorted juice glasses. With colorful fruit 🍎 designs every sip will take you back to simpler times around the breakfast 🥞 table. Whether you’re starting your day with fresh-squeezed juice 🧃 or serving your guests fresh lemonade 🍋 , you’ll enjoy the vintage vibes from these durable, versatile glasses. 💛

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